The Problem

As per the Local Land Services Act 2013, all land managers in NSW, whether on public or private have an obligation under the to control declared pest species on their land.

Whilst our fauna is an essential and valued part of our environment, at times it is necessary to undertake animal control, to prevent potential massive damage to crops, livestock, buildings and harm to people. Having the ability to do so may however at times present a challenge, due to issues with available or the more productive use of manpower & time management, risk management, lack of required licensing to conduct the work in-house or the limited tax benefits associated with undertaking pest animal control oneself.

The Solution

Professional Shooting Services Pty. Ltd is a rural company dedicated to providing pest animal control services, to rural landholders and businesses in the Southern Slopes and Riverina areas of New South Wales. We operate in compliance with all licensing requirements and abide by a strict code of conduct. Professional Shooting Services Pty. Ltd. is available to service the needs of rural landholders, farms and government entities requiring feral animal management services.


All staff of Professional Shooting Services, as professional contract shooters engaged or employed to control vertebrate pest animals on rural and non-rural land (such as residential rural zones areas), are holders of a:

  • NSW Firearms License for Category A, B and/or D firearms, with ‘Vertebrate Pest Animal Control (VPAC)/Contract Shooter’ and ‘Business Other’ as a genuine reason;
  • NSW DPI Game Licensing Unit – ‘Professional Hunter’ license allowing the hunting of Class 1 and 2 game and feral animals.

If required to provide game management services for native fauna, such as kangaroos and birdlife, the applicable permits (s121) need to be provided by the property occupier. Professional Shooting Services is able to work with our clients, to assist in obtaining the required permits from the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage and NSW Department of Primary Industries (NPWS / LLS).

Why Use a Contract Shooter ?

Insurance and Risk Mitigation

Whilst the majority of rural landholders are used to being approached to allow recreational hunters to operate upon their properties, the risks associated with allowing potentially unlicensed, uninsured or poorly disciplined shooters upon your property is greatly outweighed by the potentially catastrophic financial and legal consequences to your property, stock or persons. As a registered business holding $20,000,000 Public Liability insurance, engaging the services of Professional Shooting Services comes without these potential risks, that using recreational hunters entails.

Tax Benefits

As opposed to only be able to write off limited costs associated with undertaking eradication of feral animals, as all services provided by Professional Shooting Services are supplied with a tax invoice. This allows for the claiming of the costs associated with feral animal management as a business related expense, that may be offset against your businesses taxes.