Animal Control & Eradication

Our humane animal control service includes professional shooting and hunting services for population control or eradication of pest animals. Shooting is carried out by trained and experienced professional shooters. Depending upon the pest species,  location and associated OH&S risks, we have a range of firearms available and utilise the most suitable firearm to meet, but not exceed, the requirements.

This service offering is usually utilised for the control and/or eradication of animal species as defined by the NSW Game and Feral Animal Control Act 2002 , as shown in the table below. Native pest fauna such as kangaroos, wombats, magpies and flying foxes may also be subject to animal control activities, however this is subject to the issuance of a permit to harm native fauna.

NSW Game Animals
Category 1 • Wild deer           • Peafowl        • Pheasant
• California quail   • Turkey         • Partridge
• Ducks (Under the NPWS Game Bird Management Program)
Category 2 • Rabbit                • Fox              • Feral goat
• Hare                  • Feral cat       • Feral pig
• Wild dog (Other than dingo)


Service Charges

Flexible options are available to best suit a clients requirements, these include options for:

  • Per hour time and materials basis, or;
  • Per head (by species)  and materials, or;
  • Fixed rate contract, plus materials.


  • All services are provided with a invoice for tax purposes.
  • Wherever a bounty is payable, such as provided in a limited number of council areas. The claim to the bounty payable remains with the client, allowing the offsetting of our charges, unless alternative arrangements are made prior to the commencement of an engagement.